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We thought we would post something a little different today.  

The "Ghost" Boiler

A gas boiler engineer received a call from a frantic resident who claimed their boiler was making strange noises and turning on and off by itself.  The engineer arrived at the house and inspected the boiler, but everything seemed normal.  As he was explaining that there might not be any issue, the boiler suddenly turned on, seemingly by itself.  The resident’s eyes widened in terror, and the engineer tried not to laugh.

It turned out that the homeowner’s mischievous cat had been playing with the thermostat, causing the boiler to cycle on and off!

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The Case of the Disappearing Boiler

One day a gas boiler engineer received a call from a lady who worked in an office building who said that her work colleagues had complained that their boiler had vanished. The engineer was baffled and assumed it might be a prank call, but he decided to check it out anyway. When he arrived, he was surprised to find that the boiler was indeed missing from its usual location.

After some investigation, the mystery was solved. The building’s maintenance staff had decided to do some deep cleaning and moved the boiler to clean the area beneath it. They forgot to inform anyone, and the confusion caused quite a chuckle among the staff once this was realised.

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